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Membership Categories
Member of NICCI are typically India companies operating in Nigeria and Indian Nationals living in Nigeria who could be of assistance in promoting the objectives of NICCI. Many Nigerian Companies based in Nigeria but developing trade with India.

There are three categories of membership:
  • Corporate Member
  • Individual Member
  • Honourary Member

    Corporate Member
    This membership is offered to Indian and Nigerian companies operating in Nigeria.
    1. Either as a 100% subsidiary of the Indian company
    2. Or as a Branch office
    3. Or as a Liaison office
    4. Or as a majority equity holder in a joint venture
    5. Or as an equal partner in a joint venture but the management control being with the Indian company
    Additional Member
    Corporate members can have additional membership from the same organization.

    Individual Member
    This is offered by invitation to any Indian/Nigerian living in Nigeria who, in the opinion of the Executive Board, would be of assistance in promoting the objectives of NICCI.

    Honourary Member
    Honourary Members are individuals and/or entities so appointed solely by invitation at the discretion of the Executive Board. These members do not pay membership subscription and do not vote at NICCI meetings.

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